We have built over 8,000 homes with our time-proven state-of-the-art process.


Find an Approved Building Lot

The initial step of building your dream home is acquiring a piece of property. Westchester Modular Homes works with local independent builders throughout the following states: NY, NJ, PA, CT, NH, RI, MA, VT, and ME. These builders may be able to assist you with land search as well. An important note, prior to purchasing any parcel of land you will want to hire an Independent Westchester Modular Homes Builder to evaluate it’s potential.


Secure Financing

Securing construction financing for a modular home is the same as for any conventionally built home. Westchester Modular Homes customers can basically choose any financing source such as their local bank or we can recommend a lender in your area that is familiar with our construction process. Please note that all lenders and builders we recommend are entirely separate and independent from our company.


Design Your Home

You can always start with a standard Westchester Modular Home design and modify it to fit your needs and wants or bring a design you’re already in love with. Our independent local builders can also team up with you to develop a completely custom layout utilizing our special CAD program. Naturally, you can also hire your own architect or work with one of our in-house designers to create your new home.


Finalize Your Order

Once you have completed the conceptual design, the builder will order the house from the factory. The Westchester Modular Homes Engineering Department will then complete the plans necessary for the building permits while you are finalizing your financing and making your interior/exterior choices such as countertops, bathroom fixtures, cabinet styles and exterior colors, on Westchester Modular Homes Virtual Design Center.


Building Starts

Once your builder has completed the building permit process, the foundation is started and at the same time your home is put into production. In seven short days your home is completed in the factory and ready for transportation to the site. Once all modules have been delivered to the building site the Westchester Modular Homes set crew will position and fasten them to the foundation created by your builder.


On-Site Work & Finishing

At the end of the set your new home has been securely assembled and fastened to the builder supplied foundation. It is now weather tight and ready for completion by your builder. All plumbing, duct and electrical connections are made and double checked, sheetrock work and painting are completed, interior and exterior options are added, the utilities are installed, and finally the landscaping is done, for a truly turnkey home.


Inspect & Enjoy

Your local building department will conduct the final inspections to ensure the home was completed to meet or exceed all state and local building codes and best practices. Now you can move into and enjoy your new Westchester Modular Home for years to come. For your peace of mind your new home is also covered by a 10-year structural warranty via the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Program®.